Bean to Bar Chocolate

ZART Pralinen is a bean to bar chocolate maker!


As you might know a chocolatier is someone who makes chocolate products out of chocolate, not the chocolate itself.
And in the chapter Nachhaltigkeit you can read about our partner in chocolate, Felchlin. In their philosophie and corporate strategy they aim for longterm relationships with the farmers or cooperations, making sure the ethical, environmental and economical aspects of the cacao bean production are ok.

Bean to bar, the chocolate

Bean to bar, the chocolate

Direct trade from Tanzania
ZART Pralinen has started making our own chocolate from cacao beans, these beans come from direct trade.
This means that we have found a partner who has the connection to the farmers and cooperations, helps them locally to improve their circumstances and offers prices which are well over the fair trade level.
One of the cooperations we have bought beans from is Kokoa Kamili in the Kilombero valley in the heart of Tanzania. They get their beans from farmers in about a 15 kkm radius. They offered a price which is 24% above fair trade level and they help the farmers with new seedlings, they pick up the beans for free if the farmer has 2 buckets of beans etc etc.
They try to make a differences and we support this by using their fine product.

ica-prize-logo-2016-bronze-euro-rgbsmall ica-prize-logo-2016-silver-euro-rgbsmall

In the 2016 European plain bar international chocolate awards we won a silver medal for our Kokoa Kamili 70% and a bronze medal for our Kokoa Kamili 85%



Freshly roasted cacao beans

Freshly roasted cacao beans

Gran Couva
Our other beans come from Trinidad, from San Juan Estate in Gran Couva. Trinidad has a long history in cacao and at the San Juan Estate this history is reflected in the quality of the beans, but also in the way the cacao grows their, in the natural surroundings of mixed rainforest.


Arriba Nacional

From UNOCACE (abbreviation for Unión de Organizaciones Campesinas Cacaoteras del Ecuador) we have Arriba nacional fino de aroma beans, the only forastero type bean that is considered fine cacao. This bean is certified organic and gives a fine flavored chocolate. These beans we also use in our „Arriba Arabica“ bar, this fine arriba bean combined with organic coffee beans from our coffee supplier (Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien)


Organic beans from Madagascar

From Plantation Millot in Ambanja in the north of Madagascar we have organic beans, a Trinitario/Criollo blend which has a melody of flavors that beautifully develops in our 72 hrs conching process.


In the 2016 European plain bar international chocolate awards we won a bronze medal for our Plantation Millot 70%.

This bean we use in our Cardamom bar, a sensationel flavor explosion a marriage of magical cardamom and exceptional Madagascar cacao.


Bean to bar
In cacao, much as in wine, the variety and the terroir give the beans a distinct flavour. In industrial chocolate this flavour is blended to make everything taste the same. We want to give you the flavours of the bean, of the origin, of the soil it grew on. Therefor we gently roast the beans, grind and melange them with just sugar (organic Austrian sugar) added, nothing else.
If you taste 70% Kokoa Kamili bar and a 70% San Juan Estate bar you can be sure that there is 70% cacao beans in the chocolate. And the difference in taste is the difference between the beans and their terroir.

Direct trade bean to bar kokoa kamili 75%

Bean to bar, the bar